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Military Connections - Learn about your military benefits  

DA PAM 600-60 - A Guide to Protocol and Etiquette for Official Entertainment

AR 600-25 - Salutes, Honors, and Visits of Courtesy

AR 840-10 - Flags, Guidons, Streamers, Tabards, and Automobile and Aircraft Plates

AR 670-1 - Wear and Appearance of Army Uniforms and Insignia

FM 3-21.5 - Drill and Ceremonies

Military References

Common Core Tasks
  • PLDC

    Department of Veterans Affairs

    National Guard

    The Army Vision

    The NCO Vision

    Army Reserve

    United States Army Recruiting Command

    Army ROTC


    Civilian Personnel


    United States Army Retirement Services Home Page


    US Military Academy

    Army Family Liaison Office

    Army Interactive

    Army Safety Program

    Army Leadership

    Army Distance Learning

    Army Safety

    Defense Finance and Accounting Service

    DoD Dictionary

    Instant Map

    Military Pay Tables

    NCO Education System Newsletter

    Official Army Publications and Forms

    Thrift Savings Plan

    Ribbons and Badges

    View MILPER Messages

    Wear and Appearance of Army Uniforms and Insignia


    FM 7-22.7 The Army Noncommissioned Officer Guide, 23 Dec 2002

    Tactical Operations Center

    Gateway to Military Clip Art and Multimedia

    USA Patriotic Page

    Graphics and Photographic Resources

    The Star Spangled Banner - Everything You Wanted to Know

    StudyGuide References

    Army Library Program

    Codes and Creeds


    Leadership Training Tools

    Operational Stress Control

    The Publications Room

    Guide for NCO Ceremonies and Events

    Common Core Tasks

    ATSC Web Server Navigation Links

    Automated Instructional Management System (AIMS-PC)

    MILPER Message 02-011 Zones of Consideration for Promotion to Master Sergeant and QMP Screen for Sergeant First Class

    Office of the Sergeant Major of the Army

    NCO Promotion Board Schedule

    NCO Evaluation Reporting System

    NCO - NCO's Lead the Way---FOLLOW ME! 

    USANCOA Fort Sill, OK - NCO Study Guide

    Gateway to Military Medical History

    The Institute of Heraldy

    Military Medical History Correspondence Course

    CASCOM Training Directorate

    Uniform Code of Military Justice

    Inspector General Handbook

    Squad Leader's Online Tool Box

    Army Directory

    Virtual Battalion

    Non Commissioned Officer Links

    The U. S. Army Non Commissioned Officer Museum

    Acronyms and Abbreviations

    Squad Leader Toolbox


    MegaLinks Directory

    NCO Creed, The Medic, The Combat Medic Prayer, The Code of the Medical Soldier, Hospital Corps

    Online Study Guide

    United States Flag Foundation

    NCOER Resource Page

    Professional Development

    NCO Academy Listing

    NCO Vision

    Army Values Posters

    NBC Training Courses

    Acronyms and Abbreviations

    Squad Leader Toolbox

    The Guide

    Joint Doctrine

    Educating Noncommissioned Officers by CSM Daniel K. Elder

    The Officer/NCO Relationship Words of Wisdom and Tips for Success from Senior Officers and NCOs.

    Study Guide - Promotions and Reductions

    Customs and Courtesies Links

    GTA 3-8-1 Promotions

    Army Enlisted Leader Development Network Info

    Operation Transition

    Army Song Information

    S2 File Cache

    Mandatory Training

    NCODP References

    NCODP Classes - Pre-made PowerPoint presentations

    Noncommissioned Officer Links of Interest (USAR)

    Student Links

    Casemate Online

    Clothing and Individual Equipment

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