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Low Density MOS Training
Straight from the abnormally underdeveloped brain of MEDTRNG's developer comes this idea. Utilizing existing web support for each MOS and ASI,  to make a highly stable and attractive site for those personnel looking for information on continuing education, short courses and updates on the skills required to maintain and advance skills in their fields.  Look for more on this in the future!

Learning about Medical Readiness Proficiency Training
Take medical sustainment training to the next level, and learn how to apply these nifty individual and combined training modules in your unit! 

On line Correspondence Courses
Check out these two courses Self-Aid/Buddy-Aid and Combat Health Support.  Additional Internet based Correspondence Courses have been added to the RDL

Welcome to
This web site provides reinforcement training through didactic information, classroom work and written exams to help you meet the National Registry's certification standards for both initial and recerts.

This web site is continually undergoing revisions!! Please keep checking back with us!!

Integrated Medical Curriculum (IMC)
This web site provides one of the finest collection of medical education materials on line. 

IMC is the first integrated medical curriculum that links together the study of anatomy, physiology, histology, pharmacology, immunology and medical ethics via the Internet.

The IMC features Gold Standard Multimedia (GSM) highly regarded collection of medical education titles online, with the added benefit of internal integration offering links to related concepts between titles.

Combined Humanitarian Assistance Response Training
Combined Humanitarian Assistance Response Training (CHART) is an introductory course designed to provide basic information about complex emergencies in an international arena to U. S. military service men and women.

Electronic MEDTRNG Newsletter
This is the third issue of the new electronic MEDTRNG Newsletter. During the coming months we hope to improve and provide even more information regarding training issues and initiatives.

AMEDD Knowledge Exchange
The Knowledge Exchange (KE) is an Internet website located at and has been put in place to promote the sharing of knowledge across the AMEDD.

KE development and maintenance is under the direction of Knowledge Services, Center for Healthcare Education and Studies, Leadership and Instructional Innovations Branch, U.S. Army Medical Department Center and School.

The Primary objective of the KE is to host numerous strategies, tools and commercial applications which benefit AMEDD Knowledge Management efforts. It is a place where AMEDD business can be done and benefits realized through:

  • improved collaboration
  • efficient business practices
  • effectively managed work activities
  • just in time knowledge delivery
It is the aim of the KE that users of this site be able to measurably improve elements of their AMEDD Mission.

EMT Practice Tests Online
Prepares you for success with exclusive learning methods, combining  proven practice tests with  unique test preparation and  study materials. Leading educators, top-notch career experts, and the professional developers give you the most effective tools possible to learn exactly what you need to know. It's your future. Don't let a test get in the way.
NOTE:  Not all sites are free. Select the program of interest and follow the on-screen instructions. 


To review the Life cycle Management charts for either the Officer or Enlisted Life Cycle Management charts, first click on the appropriate link. This will open up 50 individual worksheets for the Officer data and 35 worksheets for Enlisted data. The appropriate ASI/MOS's will be identified at the bottom of the screen. Clicking on a hyperlinked course, will forward you to a simple output report providing information about that course. 
The AMEDDC&S is still in the process of verifying data so this information is subject to change. If any information is found to be in error, please contact DAS, and appropriate corrections will be made. Hope that this information will be of benefit to the users of this system.

Your comments and suggestions for improvement are always welcome. Please e-mail

Interactive Weather Information Network (IWIN)

A user friendly interface to the weather. This system is located at the National Weather Service Headquarters in Silver Spring, Md. It obtains raw data from a telecommunications gateway, satellites, and other multilayered redundant links.