MEDTRNG Newsletter

   Volume 22 Issue 10                                                                                      October 2019

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From the Top
Army Suicide Prevention Program and Awareness Training
Leadership Notes
A Janitor's 10 Lessons in Leadership
Past, Present and Future
History of the AMEDD
The Call of Duty
(tribute to  a Medal of Honor Recipient...this month:
William R. D. Blackwood
(list of On-line Military Magazines).
Army News You Can Use
(On-line Military News).
Training Notes
(training notes, courses, updates).
(opinion, letters, quotations, humor...this month: "Collection of Quotes on The Army Values and "Mentoring Topic" quotations from General Colin Powell
Medical Medal of Honor Recipients
See What's Happening with Pick a Day
(Today in the Department of Defense).
Editor's Comments
The  concept of the newsletter is to provide training information to  military medical personnel and DoD firefighters.